VIP Monthly Deposit Bonus 50%

Activity Time:

 Activity time: 01/04/2014 – 00:00 Onward.
Application Method:
All Easygroup88 VIP members can apply one time bonus with any deposit each month, please use registered email send email to
 Message subject: Application for 50% VIP Monthly Deposit Bonus 
 Message content: Game account, time of deposit made and deposit amount.
Event Terms:
1. In this special offers during the time promotions, all Easygroup88 VIP members have successful deposit may apply every month.

VIP levels

Max Deposit Bonus Payout(MYR)

Silver Member


Gold Member


Platinum Member


Diamond Member


2. 50% deposit bonus, the first deposit and transfer shall not be less than MYR25, all the  Easygroup88 VIP members can enjoy the monthly deposit bonus for all eligible activities in terms of the registered members. Members must deposit and rolled at least 15 times before apply for withdrawal.
         For example: Silver member First deposit of the month = MYR 200 
                               Bonus = 50% x 200 = 68(Maximum payout)
                               Rolling require for the withdrawal (200 + 68) x 15 = 4,020
3. The customer is required to send an email immediately after a successful deposit. Members will not receive the bonus after betting, it not included in the activities of betting in cash rebate (recommended customer to hold after the game until successfully received the deposit bonus).
4. If the company found that members are trying to repeat an account (including the same name, the same bank card, log into the same computer, same IP, same Internet Cafe, phase with a single injection) and any attempt to cheat to get back to rebate accounts, Easygroup88 has the right to refuse to payout or even freeze the account.
5. The offer is targeted for the nature of entertainment players. Members of the professional players are found, Easygroup88 reserves to cancel the play bonus from players.
6. The only way through the audit with a successful application for deposit will eligible to participate in this event. Members who participate in this event must meet the activities specified by the vote note for a withdrawal request; otherwise, the deposit amount, and bonus winnings are not allowed for withdrawal.
7. VIP Member who apply to participate in the activities of the monthly deposit bonus will no longer enjoy all the Easygroup88 cash rebates offer.
8. Easygroup88 reserve the right to modify terms and conditions at any time.