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1. Choose your language and then log-in your username and password using your existing Egroup88 (壹级博体育) account.

Egroup88 (壹级博体育) is not responsible for any misplaced bets. All bets placed will be based on the bet records in our system.
If you are unsure about any of the bets you have placed, please contact our customer service team. Egroup88 (壹级博体育)
makes every effort not to make mistakes in publishing and defining odds but should this inadvertently occur, it reserves the right to
void any affected bets or correct the error. Thank you.
Dear all our valued customers, please take note that Egroup88 do not have any Telegram account, if you found any named Egroup88 in Telegram, it is not representing by EGROUP88, Thank you!